Wood Logs are a type of crafting item found commonly on islands, and are not to be confused with Hardwood Logs. They appear most commonly under/next to a tree, but are not to be found on Desert Islands. They are very useful, as they have multiple associated crafting recipes.

Wood Logs can be looted from chests and Storage Crates, and can be recieved if salvaging 3 Broken Pirate Axes.


Note, crafting recipes with just the item only means no other crafting materials are required to craft that recipe.


  • Wood Logs are generally only found in single quantities, but they can also be occasionally found in multiple quantities near Campfires on Pirate Camp Islands, and will then be shown as Wood piles.
  • A current bug since in the 1.4.1 verson- Interacting with a Wood Log (to take it) has a slim chance of being a Hardwood Log instead. The Wood Log will remain in the same place and can be picked up "again", this time being a regular Wood Log.
  • You need a Wood Log and two Flintstones to lit a fire in the Deck Fire Pit.



v. Original Release(?): Introduced