The Village Trader is an uncommon NPC found in the Trader Village. He sells various items, including bandages, bombs or cannonballs.

He also gives you a quest, asking you to find for him Trader's Tokens.

As with other friendly human NPCs, he is immune to all forms of damage.

Because the Village Trader is also a Vendor, he will buy any items off the player for Gold.

Wares (random) Edit


For every five Trader's Tokens you give him, you will receive a Village Key used to open one of the chest in the village. The tokens can be found on uncommon pirates, including Pirate Captain, Pirate Elite Captain and Bounty Hunter.  

Dialogue Edit

Speak to the Trader


Greetings friend! Care to have a look at my wares? I carry various items useful to wandering adventurers like yourself.
If you've got the coin I've got the time...

Ask about treasure chests


Ah yes, you are interested in my treasure chests I see. Well I tell you what. I'm on the hunt for something known as a trader's token. For years now us merchants and pirates have a deal where we give them tokens in exchange for safety from their ranks. The tokens allow the pirates to have discounts with us. As you can imagine, this isn't much of a deal at all. If in your travels you happen upon some of these tokens, please return them to me. For every five you give me, I'll give you a key to open one of my chests and you can take what you like from it.

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