This page contains a list of updates of the game since the version of the game.

Update 2.0 - The Multiplayer Update Show/Hide

Hey everyone!

Prepare to sail the seas with your friends and go on a new adventure! Today we are officially releasing the multiplayer update. We want to thank everyone who has helped us test multiplayer and for your feedback and suggestions.


In order to play multiplayer all you need to do is make sure Salt is up to date, invite your friends on Steam in the main menu, and start up a game! If you don't have any friends to play with, head over to our discord and check the multiplayer or lfg channels. Once you've joined a group, you can then either choose to create a new game or load an existing game with the same seed as the host.

New Contents

In addition to multiplayer this update also includes other changes such as the addition of NPC villages, a revamped inventory system, tons of balancing changes, and bug fixes. You can read the full list of patch notes below.

As always, we'd love your feedback and thoughts. If you encounter any bugs, please let us know and we'll work on those as soon as possible!

Patch Notes

  • Added multiplayer.
  • Added trader villages .
  • Added a new npc that can spawn in high places.
  • Spiders can now drop Adventurer's Satchels , which contain some loot.
  • Improved gamepad UI navigation.
  • Adjusted stats on some items.
  • Adjusted drop chances on some items.
  • Changed the item icons for some items.
  • Added new items to some loot tables.
  • Added a new rope sound when you use climbing ropes.
  • Fixed an issue where certain meal buffs could be stacked.
  • The Jungle Fisherman and Huntsman are now both a guaranteed spawn on jungle islands.
  • Added strong plant fibers as a possible drop from some crates.
  • Deer and tigers now change orientation based on the slope of the terrain.
  • Lowered the cost of the maiden ships from the sea collector slightly.
  • The windy sail item is being phased out of the game. If you have one one your boat, it will automatically remove it and give you a replacement item .
  • Lenvell should now be in an inn when he is needed.
  • Fixed a bug where Lenvell would fail to tell you a location.
  • Added a new icon to an item's description to let you know that it cannot be traded or sold.
  • Torches no longer burn down while resting.
  • Added a new hotkey (T by default) which equips/unequips a torch if you have one.
  • You can now rest at the starting island campfire.
  • Reduced lag spikes that would sometimes occur when looting an item.
  • Updated one of the ambient sounds to reduce the intensity of a bird chirp.
  • Increased the chance for some enemies to drop health potions and bandages.
  • Added recipe to craft bandages from spider silk.
  • Increased capacity of crates from 5 to 12.
  • Fixed a bug where deer challenge chests would sometimes open before killing all the deer on the island.
  • Fixed a bug where jungle challenge chests would not spawn.
  • Made all NPC campfires not burn out.
  • Fixed NPCs not navigating around some ruins properly.
  • Dirt mounds now orient to the slope they are on.
  • Updated inventory UI to include pages, new tabs, and sort option.
  • Improved performance of inventory UI.
  • Increased stamina bonus from alpha stag set.
  • Increased stats on alpha stag cloak .
  • Made fishing take a little less time, and capped the max amount of time it takes to catch a fish in a single cast.
  • The cartographer now offers to erase a wrong island for you for some gold.
  • Interacting with sailboat wheel and raft oar no longer causes your main hand item to un-equip.

Update 1.9.6 - Storms of the Sea Show/Hide


One of the biggest changes in this update is the introduction of weather! Now throughout the world of Salt you can experience cloudy days, rain, and storms. Weather really adds a nice sense of dynamics to the world and helps it feel more alive. Along with the weather we've included some new related items we think you'll find fun as well.

The Blacksmith

Throughout the world, you will now be able to find a new NPC known as The Blacksmith . He offers various new loot for you to get as well as a new item known as salvage tools. These materials allow you to salvage some of your excess weapons for resources!

Ship Cannons

Also in this update is the inclusion of ship cannons! Around various pirate villages you can now find cannons and cannonballs . These are useful for placing your ship and blasting pirates from afar! We also anticipate these to be quite fun once multiplayer is implemented.

Player Avatar

Another fun introduction in this update is the player avatar. Now in the UI you can see what your character looks like with various clothing on. Equipping chest armor will affect the look of your outfit and you can also equip various hats for visuals as well.

Patch Notes

This update includes a lot of other changes such as jungle challenge chests, bug fixes, and general game balance changes. Here is a full of list of the patch notes:

  • Added weather and associated content.
  • Added a window where you can see your character's appearance in the inventory UI.
  • Added a new NPC to be found on islands.
  • Added cannons that you can find and place on your ships.
  • Adjusted the stats on some items.
  • Implemented jungle island challenge chests.
  • Adjusted the number of pirates that spawn on some islands.
  • Fixed a bug where some fish were not able to be caught when they were supposed to.
  • A single stat (concealment) now affects how well and far away enemies can see you.
  • The stealth stat affects how well an enemy can hear you.
  • Torches now reduce your concealment.
  • What journal you can find in a particular hunting shacks and abandoned camp sites will now be consistent for all players on a given world seed.
  • How many enemies remain on an island is now saved when you quit the game and come back.
  • Fixed moonrock not glowing properly.
  • Many enemies now leave footprints. This can be adjusted in the options.
  • Arrows now inherit your velocity.
  • Pirates no longer collide with each other, keeping them from stacking, but allowing them to occupy the same position sometimes.
  • Weight now reduces your sprint speed by 1 m/s for every 5 weight.
  • Fixed trees spawning inside some abandoned camp sites.
  • Removed extra hitbox from player that caused double-hits in some instances.
  • Changed the visual effects of bomb explosions.
  • Added graphical options presets in the options interface.
  • Fixed item placement button back to A on gamepad (was Y).
  • Inventory now opens upon button press on gamepad, rather than release.
  • Fixed cultists empowering their staves multiple times, giving them a huge damage bonus for a time.
  • Corpses of night-only creatures will no longer despawn at daybreak.
  • Fixed particle effects looping when destroying one of the portals in the Draegan fight.
  • Summoning Draegan now consumes one of the items, at random, required to summon him

Update 1.9.5 Birds of Paradise Show/Hide


A major change in this update is the introduction of new wildlife. Now when you are exploring islands you will see various birds flying above the trees. Though it's quite a challenge, these birds can be shot down and you can use their feathers to make items and trade for good gear. Overall we feel birds add not only new content but a new sense of atmosphere to the game.

Sea Treasure

You've been asking for more ocean content for quite some time and we are finally happy to take a step in that direction! Now out in the ocean you can find little glowing rings that indicate sea treasure. Once you have a treasure grabber (you can get one from a new NPC) you'll be able to dig up sunken treasure! There's different tiers of treasure with increasingly rare loot as well.

Challenge Chests

Now on pirate and natural islands you will be able to find challenge chests ! We are really excited about these chests as they give a repeatable challenge with nice loot. Basically the way these work is you have to kill either all the pirates or all the deer on an island for them to unlock. The pirate challenge chests also increase in rarity for higher tiered pirate islands and as such drop better loot.

Abandoned Campsites

As a new piece of island content we have added abandoned campsites . You can find various trade-able items, lore books, and even rum! Look for these camps on natural islands.

New NPCs

We've introduced multiple new NPCs in this update including the Sea Treasure Hunter and the Sea Collector . The Sea Treasure Hunter mainly goes along with treasure hunting and the Sea Collector acts as a trading NPC for various items you find in the world.

Combat Improvements

With this update we wanted to also take a step toward improving combat. To do this, we added a parry mechanic. Now if you time a block at just the right moment you can stun the opponent and get a guaranteed critical hit upon your next attack. Adding just this one new mechanic has really opened up combat as parrying also uses stamina. This means you'll have to decide between attacking, power attacking, blocking, parrying, and dodging for how you want to spend your stamina in battle.

New Death Screen and In-Game Options

In this update we also added a new death screen as well as in-game options. Now when you die you will be greeted with sad music and a new death screen. You can also now change audio, gameplay, and graphics settings live in the game.

New sounds

We've also added new music and sounds in this update. We've tried to improve the sound design and give a greater sense of immersion. Now there will be subtle sounds that play when the game transitions from to day to night and also when you discover content on islands.

Additional Changes

We've made a ton of additional changes including new lighting, new main menu background, tons of new items, new boats, new waves system, and a lot of bug fixes. You can read the full patch notes below.

As always we'd love to hear your feedback!

Patch Notes

  • Added birds.
  • Added sea treasure
  • Added new content to find on islands.
  • Added new challenge chests that unlock when you defeat all of a certain type of enemy on an island.
  • Added new NPCs, quests, and items.
  • Added some new recipes.
  • Added new music.
  • Added new discovery sounds and day/night transition sounds.
  • Added new boats
  • Added a new parry mechanic. Blocking at the right time while fighting pirates will open them up for a powerful hit.
  • Slightly changed the content on the starting island.
  • Adjusted the stats on some items.
  • Improved the death screen.
  • Added in-game options, which includes some new options such as motion blur and antialiasing.
  • Updated background in the main menu.
  • Some NPCs now spawn with nearby light sources, making them a little easier to spot.
  • Some NPCs now have slightly happier expressions.
  • Increased the amount of weight of all items by a factor of 10 and changed the functionality of weight to match the new bloated values. This means that an item that used to have a weight of 0.2 will now have a weight of 2.
  • Rebalanced lighting and visuals.
  • Increased base stamina and stamina regeneration speed.
  • Retextured various items to be more cohesive with the world's visuals.
  • Implemented some new NPC greeting sounds.
  • Changed the clothes of various NPCs to be more unique.
  • Recipes that craft multiple of the same item (such as arrows) will now indicate so by a number in the bottom right of its icon in the crafting window.
  • Reduced the amount of memory the game uses during play.
  • Added boat sounds to the White Narwhal.
  • Extended the sound of the Plunderer's Ring and increased its distance slightly.
  • Trees are now less likely to spawn around the stone with the skull.
  • Adjusted the contents of the starting island.
  • The crafting window recipe scroll area now defaults to the top when the crafting window is opened.
  • Increased sail speed bonus of the windy sail slightly when sailing in the direction of the wind.
  • Upgraded Unity version.
  • The UI for the player chest inventory now reflects the maximum number of items it can contain.
  • Change the appearance of the cursor.
  • Added sounds that mark the transition between day and night.
  • Changed some of the default gamepad controls.
  • Added DirectX11 support.
  • Fixed an issue where the quest journal wasn't updating when you got the cleansed skull.
  • Fixed an issue where you were unable to loot an immaculate deer hide from scent lured deer.
  • Fixed some typos.
  • Fixed an issue where night time ambience sounds were missing from some islands.
  • Fixed a bug that caused islands to occasionally not fully spawn.
  • Fixed a bug where an island would occasionally generate its contents in different places upon returning.
  • Fixed NPC dialogue options to no longer clip through the bottom of their rectangles.
  • Items that use the short sword model no longer cast a shadow.
  • Fixed the reported food value in your character window not taking into account special foods.
  • Fixed boats being stuck in the air after coming back from far away.
  • Fixed bug with the white deer set bonus.
  • Fixed loading screen appearing quickly without a center image when starting the game in an area with no islands.
  • Slowed down the deer death animation.

Update 1.9.4 Songs of the Seas Show/Hide

Introducing Update 1.9.4 - Songs of the Seas. This update includes a new NPC, musical instruments, Steam achievements, new quests, items, bug fixes, and more! Let's go over some of the content you can expect in this update.

Musical Instruments and The Composer NPC

Hanging out at the Inn you'll be able to find a new NPC known as The Composer . This NPC features an entirely new quest line that will allow you to unlock and earn musical instruments that you can play throughout your journey. These instruments also give you buffs in addition to a nice melody for your adventure! With the new Composer NPC you can also earn new gear. And we may have added some secrets as well...

Steam Achievements

We have now added Steam Achievements for Salt! We are very excited about this and we tried to design some fun and challenging achievements for you to work toward.

Audio Changes

With this update we've also added a slew of audio changes and improvements. One such change is new boat sounds. Now when you are sailing in your big ship you can hear creaks, sail flaps, and things of that nature. We've also added new footstep sounds, and a new save sound.

1.9.4 Patch Notes

  • Added steam achievements.
  • Added a new NPC known as The Composer.
  • Added new musical instrument items.
  • Added new quests and item rewards.
  • Added music for the first time you use the raft.
  • Added new loading screens.
  • Added new secrets.
  • Added new boat sounds.
  • Added new footstep sounds and increased the variety of sounds that can play.
  • Added a new save sound.
  • Fixed white deer set bonus not applying properly.
  • Updated short sword model.
  • Fixed a bug that would have you receive multiple "Blood Jungle" items when completing the quest.
  • The Sea Scholar will no longer charge gold for books you have sold to him.
  • Fixed an error that would cause sound to sometimes not work properly after a death.

Progress on Multiplayer

We know many of you are awaiting the Multiplayer update, and we want to thank you for your continued patience. It is a large undertaking, but it will definitely be worth the time investment. More and more progress is made daily. We do not yet have an ETA on its completion.

Update 1.9.3 Cloud Saving Show/Hide

Saving Changes

Salt now takes advantage of the Steam Cloud for storing save data files. Steam will automatically handle uploading and downloading your latest save file data between computers. Along with this, when the game saves data has been altered slightly. Your inventory and other certain game states are no longer saved constantly. Instead, the state of the game will save both when you manually save, and periodically as an auto-save. By default, loading a game will load the most recent save, but you can chose to load the last manual or last autosave by clicking on the gear icon next to the save slot in the Load menu.

A side effect of the save changes is that the game now requires Steam to be running. However, this does not mean it requires an internet connection as it will work just fine when Steam is in offline mode.

Your current save files will automatically be converted to use the steam cloud. No action is required on your part.

New Items

With this update we've also added in some new armor, items, and lore to various places. You can now find new armor sets in both hunting shacks and ancient chests. We've also added a new epic weapon that requires a full set of the new armor to find. In addition to that, we've added some new items to pirate chests and added some new lore books in the game.

New Quest

This update also includes a new quest line involving the search for a mysterious jewel. There's an item that can be found somewhere in the world that will trigger this quest line when turned in. As with most quests, you'll find yourself going to various islands, defeating some tough enemies, and even uncovering new lore and items.

Battle Music

While we do have boss music in the game, we wanted to add some music for fighting tougher than normal enemies that aren't quite bosses. Now when you encounter any pirate captains or commanders, you will have some music to go along with your battle!


  • Integrated saving with the Steam Cloud.
  • Improved appearance of informational popup messages.
  • Added new battle music for pirate captains , named captains and commanders
  • Replaced some ambient sounds with smoother looping versions.
  • Added a new armor set to hunting shacks .
  • Added a new armor set to ancient chests.
  • Added new items to bronze and silver pirate chests.
  • Added new lore books to hunting shacks.
  • Added a new quest line with new items and lore.
  • Increased the drop rate of ceremonial keys from cultists from 8 to 10%.
  • Fixed some items having the Armor stat instead of Physical Armor.
  • Fixed some recipe descriptions.
  • Fixed missing texture on augmented moonrock sword.
  • Fixed poacher’s lure. It can now be equipped as bait.
  • White ink no longer requires a red flower to craft.
  • Made bamboo on jungle islands consistent with other islands.

Update 1.9.2 Echoes of the Past Show/Hide

Echoes of the Past update adds some new content to the game as well as a number of bug fixes and improvements. Let's dive into some of the content you can expect to see in this update.

Sea Hunter

This update introduces a new quest giver in the world known as the Sea Hunter . Like the recent introduction of the Sea Scholar and Sea Fisher, the Sea Hunter will feature five quests that unlocks vendor items as you progress. Once those are completed, you'll be able to do a repeatable quest for a random rare loot drop.

Pirate Graves

Salt is all about exploration and discovery, and so with this update we wanted to add in another new piece of content for you to discover: pirate graves . Throughout your adventures you will now find tombstones occasionally on islands with grave text and often times, buried treasure. The graves will have a chance to either have bronze, silver, gold, or a ceremonial lock box. These lock boxes can be opened with a key of the corresponding color and will contain a piece of loot.

You probably already have some bronze, silver, or gold keys laying around, but with this update we've also introduced ceremonial keys. These keys will be used exclusively to open ceremonial lock boxes, which will contain a rare item. You can obtain these keys from various places throughout the world so stay on the lookout!

Inventory and Crafting Changes

In addition to new content in the world, we've also made some adjustments to the inventory UI and the crafting system. For the inventory, we've added the ability to drag and drop items and the ability to sort your inventory by a few different filters.

For the crafting system, we've now adjusted it to where when you craft multiple items, it will craft each item individually, gradually increasing the speed as it goes. We've also completely revamped the crafting discovery window to show you any and all recipes that can be made with the item in the crafting window. This will show you recipes you could potentially make but don't have all the required items for yet. This adds an almost quest-like element to the crafting discovery system that sends you out on the hunt for various items in order to craft something new.

New Island Music

With this update you will now occasionally hear music while you are exploring islands. This music will only occur on large natural islands, so as not to interfere with combat and things of that nature. Our goal with this music is to be unobtrusive but add to the feeling of exploration and wonder when exploring islands. There will be new exclusive music for daytime island adventuring and for nighttime.

Change Log

  • Added a new NPC to be found in the world.
  • Added pirate graves.
  • You can now drag and drop items within the inventory. This allows you to sort it as you please. Each inventory section can be sorted individually.
  • Added a button to auto-sort your inventory.
  • New music can occasionally play while exploring some islands.
  • Added new recipe discovery features. When adding one or more crafting items to the crafting window, all recipes which require those items appear in the recipes window. Recipes that need more components than what is in the components window will be greyed-out (but still selectable). This allows players to discover recipes that they may not have the required items for yet. Note that although most recipes can be previewed, some "hidden" recipes will not appear at all in the crafting interface until all components have been added. Only a very small number of recipes are hidden.
  • The recipe list is now scrollable.
  • Crafting multiple items will no longer happen all at once. Instead, each item will auto-craft individually, with each subsequent craft being faster.
  • Changed method of acquiring bamboo poles . Players must now manually pick up rare, slightly greener bamboo stalks that spawn in normal bamboo clusters. Running through them no longer has any effect.
  • When you press a hotkey with multiple items bound to it, it will now only switch to the next item bound to it if you had previously just pressed the same hotkey.
  • Help menu items are now marked as seen as soon as its corresponding notification appears.
  • Smoothed out transition between when the loading screen is done and play begins.
  • Improved performance of some trees and foliage.
  • Bamboo and palm trees are now affected by wind.
  • Changed the way sea scholar final repeatable quest works.
  • Increased thickness of bamboo mat.
  • X on the controller no longer loots all items from a container or loot window.
  • Lenvell will now spawn upon the transition of night to day or day to night if you are on the correct part of the quest.
  • Updated some old loading screen tips and images.


  • The keyboard hotkeys UI is now drawn behind the item description window so that it will no longer block it when playing on certain resolutions.
  • Changed "Armor" stats on some pieces of equipment to "Physical Armor".
  • Some NPCS who would spawn too close to the water and be submerged by tides have been moved up the beach a bit.
  • The Old Pirate Hat can no longer be looted multiple times.
  • Fixed a bug that would allow for multiple applications of set bonus effects after death.
  • Fixed an error that would occur when trying to place a boat into a chest.
  • Fixed a number of map items saying that they were useless.
  • Fixed an uncommon error where pirate forts would be placed at the wrong location on an island.
  • Fixed some deer hide recipes incorrectly stating the number of deer pelts required.
  • Fixed the description on the White Deer Hide Cloak to properly convey what it does.
  • Fixed bug where multiple Sea Scholar NPCs would sometimes appear on the same island.
  • Fixed description on Red Spotted Mushroom to indicate what it does when eaten.
  • Fixed a graphical error that would cause leaves to be too bright when in the line-of-sight of the sun.
  • Fixed icon of Signet of the Alchemist.
  • Journal text involving locations where you talked to NPCs other than merchants no longer refer to the NPC as a merchant.
  • Sea fisher quest entries in the journal are no longer under the sea scholar section.
  • The tip about resting through the night will now only appear once.
  • You can no longer use a poacher's herb bag if your food bar is too low.

Progress Update on Multiplayer

We are still working hard on the addition of multiplayer to the game. We do not have an ETA, but have made some good progress. While we continue to work on multiplayer, you can expect more content and polish updates such as this one. Those of you who are waiting for multiplayer, we appreciate your patience and will continue to keep you updated.

Update 1.9.1 Sailor's Delight Show/Hide

The distribution of islands and the content that they contain has changed. This is an optional upgrade for current saved games. With the addition of new content and island types throughout development, the distribution of islands and content has been something we want to re-balance. For example, some island types have become rarer than intended, while others too common. Also, it is often the case during play that you run into many islands in a row with very little content of interest then run across a single island with tons of content. All of this combined would occasionally cause unlucky players to play for long periods of time without the chance to experience exciting content. It is for this reason that we wanted to do some re-balancing.

These world changes are not automatically applied to existing saves. You can manually upgrade these saves by pressing the upgrade button next to each existing save file in the "Load" menu. If you have spent time mapping the world, note that this will render your map inaccurate as the placement of islands will change. However, if you have had the Cartographer NPC check your map, the game will offer to automatically populate a portion of your map for you based on how much and accurately you filled out your previous map.

Island Distribution

The chance for each island type to appear has been adjusted. How far away from the origin certain island types can appear has also been adjusted. Removed the too-vast expanses of ocean that could appear past 50 units away from the origin.

Island Content

Spread out the content among islands so that you are now less likely to encounter many islands in a row without special content.

New Help Interface

Replaced the old help book with a new help interface to make it easier to reference the topic you are looking for. Additionally, added pop-up notifications to direct new players towards particular help sections as they encounter related content.

New NPCs

Added two new friendly characters to find in the world. Each offers a number of new quest and items to obtain.

Other Changes

  • Nearby dead enemies will no longer block you from saving the game.
  • Changed the way campfires and flags save their positions internally to reduce bloat in the registry.
  • Made question mark on merchant interfaces pulse to make it more noticeable.
  • Added close button to NPC dialog window
  • Fixed a bug where money would be given to the player when an NPC's wares would update due to a quest completion while the wares were visible.
  • Fixed money count in player equipment window not always updating properly when selling items.
  • Merchant inventories now start out scrolled to the top.
  • Increased the chance of named king challengers to appear.
  • Slightly improved map performance.
  • The whole number portion of the precise sextant's location now matches the normal sextant.


For those of you waiting on multiplayer, don't worry. It is under development. This is one of a few smaller updates to be released during the multiplayer development period.

Update 1.9 The Summoning Show/Hide

Delve further into Salt's main quest line in update 1.9 "The Summoning". Along with this update comes more quests, a new boss, bug fixes, and lots of new legendary items. Are you tough enough to face the evils which lie hidden in the darkest corners of Salt?


  • The remainder of the main quest line is now available.
  • The legendary version of the northern scepter will now drop instead of the epic version.
  • Reset quarters sailed value on breezy scepter of northern wind .
  • Upgraded engine to Unity 5.3.5.
  • Added stamina regeneration effect to breezy scepter of northern wind.
  • Fixed health and stamina bars showing incorrect percentage when unequipping an item that boosts max health or stamina.
  • Fixed a bug where using the revert to manual save option would load the game world of the default seed even if you were playing on a custom seed.
  • Effects that change player speed now show duration left in the description.
  • Fixed the sun in the main menu using the wrong bloom effect.
  • Fixed the island painting giving you the wrong painting back when picked up.
  • Fixed poachers not attacking you on sight.
  • Innkeeper now has a dialogue option to search for tier 2 pirate islands once the player reaches the "hat for hat" quest.
  • Fixed regular spider debuff damage. It is now properly tagged as poison damage.

Update 1.8 The King's Bounty Show/Hide

Update 1.8 brings tier 3 pirate islands to the world of Salt! These islands are swarming with some of the hardest pirates seen yet, and with some of the best treasure. With the update comes new enemies, fish, lore, quests, and items, including game's first legendary quality items.

Change Log

  • Added tier 3 pirate islands . Note that the new pirate islands will appear where some other island used to be in the world.
  • Added some new quests.
  • Added new fish.
  • Added new lore books.
  • Added new items including some legendary items.
  • Adjusted world lighting and bloom.
  • Added new recipes.
  • Added new collectable resources.
  • Ironite boulders now look slightly different. Their blue cracks have been replaced by silvery ones.
  • Added new "Throne" map mark.
  • Fixed bug where arrows would get stuck in jungle vines.
  • Fixed a bug where you were able to interfere with boat physics while jumping. This would occasionally cause you or the boat to go flying.
  • Plunderer's beacon is now sellable.
  • Fixed night vigor flowers sometimes failing to spawn correctly.

Patch 1.7.1 Show/Hide

This patch includes some bug fixes and improvements.


  • Inventory sections and the loot window now be scrolled all the way up when switching to them.
  • Added graphics option for VSync.
  • Added a sound when you loot items.
  • Added color difference to the journal button in the map when you have an entry in the journal for that location.
  • Made some changes to improve game CPU performance.
  • Fixed a bug where silver chests would sometimes not contain a quest hat when they were supposed to.
  • Fixed a bug that would sometimes cause the "loot all" hotkey to not work if you looted an enemy during its death animation.

Update 1.7 Cartographer's Journal Show/Hide

Update 1.7 introduces a number of new major features that will aid you in your quest to explore the world of Salt. This update also provides some bug fixes, performance improvements, and new content.


You now have at your disposal an in-game journal, which works both as a quest journal and a place to make your own notes. Open the journal by pressing ‘j’. It is divided into three sections. The first section, the “Main” section, is for you to add your own notes as you please. You have unlimited pages to make as many entries as you want. As well as normal entries, you can also make links to subsections within the journal, allowing you to keep things organized.

The second section section, the “Quest” section, is not editable. Instead, quest entries will automatically appear here as you find new quests, and complete quest tasks.

The third section, the “Map” section, can be edited as you please, but it also closely integrated with the map (see below). From your map, you can add notes the correspond to certain locations in the world. This section will store those notes.


The map has arrived to the world. Open it up by pressing ‘x’ or ‘m’. Keeping with the raw do-it-yourself style of Salt, this map starts out completely blank. It is up to you to fill out out as you travel. Mark location of islands as well as add icons that indicate what you find on those islands. As you explore and map the world, find ways to unlock new features and handy shortcuts within the map interface. As mentioned above, the map is also integrated with the journal to make it easy to make notes in your own words about what you find on the islands that you explore.

Button Changes

Be prepared to be thrown off kilter. Some controls have been changed. Most notably, the functions of left and right mouse clicks have been reversed. Left click is now performs the main interaction on items, while right click opens up the item details window.

Also, the way you pick up placed items, such as those placed on your boats, has changed. You now press-and-hold the interact button (E by default).

More Lore

As well as adding some more lore books to the game, we have also flagged many of them as unique. This means that if you already own a particular lore book, it will no longer drop or be found in chests. This will both keep you from finding duplicates as well as making it more likely that you find a variety of lore books during your travels.

Revert To Last Manual Save Option

Some aspects of the game are saved when you manually save the game, but many things items, quest progress, and object on your boat are constantly saved. You now have the ability to revert the entire game back to how it was when you last saved the game manually. There is a checkbox to do so within the Load interface in Salt’s main menu.

Change Log

  • Added Journal.
  • Added a map.
  • Added a new NPC to be found in the world.
  • Most journals are now flagged as unique.
  • You now press and hold the normal interact button to retrieve placed objects.
  • Reduced the density of some cosmetic foliage on jungle islands to improve performance.
  • You can no longer save the game while dead.
  • Added option in main menu load interface to load the game as it was when you last manually saved it. This will revert all inventory changes back to that point.
  • Made saving system more robust (less error prone).
  • Some performance improvements.
  • Swapped left and right click functions when interacting with items in your inventory. Left clicking now equips/activates the item while right clicking now brings up the item details window.
  • Increased the resolution of some item icons.
  • Added new lore books.
  • Added a new quest.
  • Ancient guardian rocks will once again deal damage.

Update 1.6.1 Starry Night Show/Hide

  • Updated boat models. 
  • Added color variation versions of the new boat models, and ways to obtain them. 
  • Added stars. 
  • Added new sailing music. 
  • Updated icon resolutions. 
  • Updated models of many of the old trees, improving level of detail, and wind visuals. 
  • Pressing the forward or backward buttons while interacting with a boat wheel will now quickly return it to center. 
  • Added new lore books. 
  • Added option to force gamepad hotbar to always be active, allowing for better Steam Controller gameplay. 
  • Changed beacon glow effect to fix them being too bright on some computers. 
  • Tree wind effects are now dynamic. 
  • Made ocean waves scale with wind power. 
  • Tweaked wind properties so that wind speed changes more slowly over time. 
  • Increased your ability to climb slopes while on a boat. This will help stair climbing while the boat is sloshing around. 
  • Added some dynamic wind sounds. 
  • Added new boss music. 
  • Fixed a bug that allowed you to interact with boats while on them. 
  • Tigers are now less likely to spawn inside trees. 
  • Enemies should now better avoid getting stuck on the altar of ritual sites. 
  • Updated Unity version. This should fix the game sometimes being off-center when playing in non-native resolutions.

Update 1.6 Blood Jungle Show/Hide


  • Added a new island type , containing lots of brand new content. 
  • Added new quest lines 
  • Added new trader npc's 
  • Added multiple new enemies and wildlife 
  • Added new fish 
  • Added new weapons, armor, and resources 
  • Some characters now have the ability to trade using currencies other than gold. 
  • Changed the visuals when your eyes go below water. 
  • Added a number of new lore books. 
  • Added sound when opening books. 
  • Added inventory open sound. 
  • The starting sword can now be found on a dead pirate instead of in the chest on starting island. 
  • Made some changes to fish rarities. Small mouth sea bass are now about half as common as they used to be. 
  • Bandages now have a chance to remove bleed effects. 
  • Arrow retrieval chance is now taken into account when the arrow hits an enemy. 
  • Reduced the armor value on ancient gauntlets. 
  • Reduced the damage on some arrows. 
  • Upgraded engine version to Unity 5.2. This comes with some minor performance improvements.


  • Fixed center redicle sometimes becoming a white box. 
  • Item Buffbeard's Orders now saves properly. 
  • You can no longer drag the merchant interface horizontally. 
  • Fixed orange garabaldi fish's time of day rarity modifier. 
  • Fixed a bug that would cause other items of the same type to sometimes be destroyed when destroying an item. 
  • Some set bonus effects will now show effect icons. 
  • Fixed the recipe for deer hide armor notated in the starting crafting journal. 
  • Fixed spyglass being too shiny.

Update 1.5.1 The Captain's New Clothes Show/Hide

New Pirate Models

It is a bittersweet occasion. It is time for the old goof-ball pirate models to leave us. As is the case with many wonderful things in the world of Early-Access, their job as a placeholder has come and gone, and they have served their purpose with scallywag grace. 

New Rendering Pipeline

We have changed the default rendering pipeline, which controls how the graphics in the world are drawn to your screen. It has been upgraded to use a deferred shading pipeline. This should improve performance, and add support for physically based shading, which is a more true-to-life way of lighting objects in the world. 

New Content

A new structure can now be found throughout the world. Along with it, some new items, lore books, and secret mini-boss. 

Change List

  • Added a new structure that can be found occasionally throughout the world, and a number of new items. 
  • Replaced the models of all pirates and friendly NPCs. 
  • Changed the default rendering pipeline to test performance. Make sure that Forward Rendering is turned OFF in order to take advantage of this change. 
  • Added context specific action descriptions that appear near the interaction cursor when hovering over certain objects. 
  • Placing a boat on top of yourself now causes you to automatically board the boat. 
  • Increased the maximum field of view. 
  • Improved pirates ability to hit when they are above you. 
  • Increased length of the basic fishing pole line. 
  • Main menu slider options can now be adjusted in increments of 1 with the controller. 
  • Changed a number of materials to use physically based rendering. 
  • Adjusted return-to-center speed of some of the boat helms. 
  • Made some modifications to ocean shader to use physically based rendering. 
  • Deer hide armor now requires less hides to craft, but now requires plant fibers. 
  • Changed the texture on the hardwood bow to match the look of the materials. 
  • Increased the targeting distance slightly. 
  • Adjusted the armor values on some items. 
  • In-world health bars now disappear after a time. 
  • Increased the height of the static target bar interface element. Previously, certain letters were too tall to fit in it. 
  • Fixed some typos.

Update 1.5 A Brand New Interface Show/Hide

New Interface

The old black sidebar interface is gone and a completely new one is now in its place. It has a redesigned appearance as well as some changes to functionality. Some of its most notable changes are as follows: 

  • Equipped items now have their own window and can be viewed at the same time as the normal inventory. This new window also shows some player stat values. 
  • The entire inventory is navigable using a controller. 
  • There is a new hotkey bar which will allow you to quickly see what items are bound to hotkeys. This can be set to “Always Show” in the main menu options. 
  • Inventory tabs now work as filters rather than distinct groups. 
  • When crafting, you are now able to see all of the potential crafting results for a given set of components rather than having to cycle through them as before. 
  • Items can be inspected by left-clicking them. This will open up a window with the full description as well as an option to destroy the item. 
  • Merchant sellables/buyback tabs have been combined into one. 
  • Added in-world health bars for damaged units. 
  • Added in-world damage numbers. 
  • Health, hunger, and stamina bars are now grouped together. 
  • Books can now support images. This is currently only used for the controls help book.

Controller Support

You are now able to play the game fully with a controller. This means everything from using items in your inventory to driving boats is now supported. This has currently only been tested on PC with an XBox 360 controller, but XBox One controllers should work as well as they have the same button mapping. 

To bind an item to a controller hotkey, select the item and press one or both of the bumpers and then A/B/X/Y or any of the DPad directions. You will then be able to hit the same button combination to activate the hotkey while playing. 

Upgraded Engine to Unity 5

We upgraded the version of the engine that Salt runs on from Unity 4 to Unity 5. This upgrade lays the foundation for performance and graphical improvements in the future. It also provides some fixes for graphical issues that some systems were experiencing. 

Under-The-Hood Change To Item Saving

When you update to version 1.5 and load a game that was created in a previous version of Salt, you will be prompted to upgrade the save file. Once the save file is upgraded, it will no longer work with previous versions of the game. The way that items in your inventory save has been changed underneath in order to more easily facilitate more complicated item state saving in the future. 

Other Changes

  • There is now a normal mode checkbox as well as a hardcore mode checkbox when starting a new game to make it a little less confusing. 
  • The name field when starting a new game will now have a random name in it by default. 
  • Fixed quest text for treasure hunters. Many unintentionally had the same text. 
  • Tab on the keyboard now works as a “back” button as well as opening the inventory. 
  • Escape on the keyboard now works as a "back" button as well as opening the pause menu. 
  • Split the help book into two books. One for general game information and another for controls. Both books can be accessed from the pause menu. 
  • Added x and y sensitivity options. 
  • Fixed some misspellings.

Patch 1.4.1 Show/Hide

  • Fixed a bug that would sometimes cause the game to act strangely after you died. 
  • Made some mostly cosmetic tweaks related to some of the new content introduced in patch 1.5. 
  • Re-worded one of the readable items involved in the new quest line to make it a little less confusing. 
  • Re-added the text telling you to open your help book when you start a new game. 
  • Cultists can no longer spawn during cleansing events.

Update 1.4 Dawn of the Story Show/Hide

  • Added a portion of the main quest line. 
  • Revised resource placement. Many resources now spawn in more appropriate locations. For example, logs are more often found near trees, and flowers are more often found in fields. 
  • Added inns. 
  • Added new items. 
  • Added new NPCs. 
  • Added many new lore books. 
  • Flattened terrain around some structures. 
  • Added two new performance options to adjust the rate at which islands generate. 
  • Fixed some typos. 
  • Decreased rarity of pirate cartographers. 
  • Reduced the size and appearance of floaties slightly. 
  • Changed the appearance of hardwood logs. 
  • Improved boat steering. 
  • Various bug fixes.

Patch Show/Hide

  • Fixed a bug that would cause you to lose a boat upgrade item if you had the placement preview in a valid position, looked away where there was nothing, then tried to place it. 
  • Fixed a bug that would cause you load in a different location than the one you saved at when you saved in a place with no islands nearby. 
  • Boat added messages no longer pop up when you load the game far away from islands.
  • Made some changes to the way the sun/moon/sky are rendered to fix some visual bugs some poeple were experiencing. 
  • Fixed some item descriptions.

Patch Show/Hide

  • Fixed a bug that would cause the island generator to behave improperly in some situations. Some islands will be slightly changed due to this fix. 
  • Changed feel of the boat wheel, and it no longer slowly moves while you are holding on to it. 
  • Fixed a bug that caused the ocean wave size to not change when it was supposed to. 
  • You can no longer place campfires and marking flags on boats. 
  • Grass now increases in height for a short ways as you progress away from the beach. 
  • Fixed torch description not appearing when equipped. 
  • Adjusted options menu to fit its options better. 
  • Fixed a bug that would cause you to sometimes lose a boat upgrade item when you would try to place it on land. 
  • Fixed a bug that would cause your fishing bobber to go crazy while fishing from a moving boat. 
  • Fixed some loading screen tip typos. 
  • Changed the rarity color of durable climbing rope
  • Merchant huts can no longer be found on quite as steep slopes, and their doorways now generally face the ocean. Some of their positions might have changed slightly within an island due to this. 
  • Increased the far clipping plane distance. 
  • Fixed tools of battle volume 1 having the wrong text. 
  • Fixed a bug that caused you to enter the game at the bottom of the ocean if you saved over the water close to land. 
  • Changed texture on a number of trees and foliage. 
  • Reduce the maximum steepness that Banyan trees can spawn on. 
  • Fixed a bug that would cause resources on an island to fully respawn upon returning to the game when you had quit without saving.

Update The World Has Changed Show/Hide


  • The distribution, shape, and contents of all islands have changed. You may find yourself in the middle of the ocean when you load a previous save. 
  • Islands in the far oceans are no longer all incredibly far apart. Instead, they can now be generally found in clumps. 
  • Updated look of grass and added grass variation. 
  • Added grass graphics options in the main menu. 
  • Added a new island type. 
  • Added buried treasure. 
  • Added a new NPC type. 
  • Added new items. 
  • Performance improvements. 
  • Reduced the visibility of floaties. 
  • Boats now place if they were in a valid position before you looked at a spot too far away.
  • Changed the name of bombs to "fused bomb" and increased their damage. 
  • Added some more recipe books. 
  • Added a new stat called adornment that now appears on some items. 
  • Changed the rarity color on some items. 
  • Campfire and flag items now use the same placement system as the boats/boat upgrades. 
  • You can now place flags on much steeper slopes. 
  • Trees are less likely to be inside other objects such as merchant huts. 
  • Made deer less likely to spawn on islands with no trees. 
  • Reduced price of moonrock, and made it slightly more rare. 
  • Added new music. 
  • Adjusted boat speeds. 
  • Added return to boat option in the escape menu. It costs a fair amount of gold, and is intended as an option for players that get stuck in pits. 
  • Slightly increased the amount of logs that spawn on the ground. 
  • Made lighting tweaks. 
  • Updated loading screen, and added tips and lore quotes. 
  • Changed the stats and name of the fiery red cape. 
  • Added visible numbers to some of the option sliders. 
  • Added quick save button (F5).

Bug Fixes

  • Boat speeds are no longer affected by framerate. 
  • Fixed a bug that caused target bars to remain after a unit had been destroyed. 
  • Fixed pirate commanders having the wrong name in the target bar. 
  • Units should no longer be able to move after death. 
  • Ancient flaming eye necklace is now tagged as a neck slot item. 
  • Fixed a typo in tools of battle volume 2. 
  • Removed the collider from the from the fire pit preview model. 
  • Fixed a bug that caused pathfinding logic to not disable properly at far distances. 
  • Nighttime exclusive units can no longer despawn while you are fighting them. 
  • Nighttime exclusive resources can no longer despawn while you are nearby. 
  • Merchant flags no longer spawn on islands that failed to spawn a merchant. 
  • You can no longer bump into mushrooms. 
  • You can no longer walk through crates that you place.

Update Ship Customization Show/Hide

  • Added ship customization mechanics and a number of boat customization items that can be found in the world. 
  • Added new "remove placed item" button to remove objects placed on ships. This is 'F' by default. Look at a placed object on a boat and hold down 'F' for a moment to pick up the object. 
  • Placed boats now save their position between play sessions. 
  • You are no longer required to be on an island to save the game. You may now save on boats and in the water. 
  • Boat speeds have been adjusted. 
  • Slightly increased the repair cost of the abandoned pirate ship, but it now goes into your inventory like a normal ship when repaired. If you have previously repaired one, the ship should automatically appear in your inventory. 
  • The Maiden boat should now be more stable. 
  • Added "rest until sunrise/sunset" button to campfires. 
  • Fixed a bug that would cause you to be able to sometimes teleport to the boarding position on a boat while already standing on it. 
  • A number of fixes were made to the "virtual position" system, which keeps the numbers representing the positions of world objects low (very large numbers cause inaccuracies which often cause jittering or strange movments of objects). As a result, boats, water textures, and your character should be more stable when far away from the starting island. 
  • The virtual position re-position event that previously happened every time you saved the game now happens automatically as needed, and is much less apparent when it does happen. 
  • Fixed a bug that would allow you to have multiple version of the same boat following a death. 
  • Arrows no longer stick in an invisible wall around statues. 
  • Placed boats will now de-spawn if you get real far away from them. 
  • Reduced the stack size of the keys that can be found in flotsam. 
  • Fixed some misspellings. 
  • Fixed an error in the Spider Queen quest text. Changed the word “eye” to “fang”. 
  • Fixed the ocean water sometimes coming through the bottom of the Maiden. 
  • The game now runs in the background. 
  • Increased the number of flowerless plants on the starting island. 
  • Added new menu music. 
  • Increased block value on all weapons by 50%. 
  • Added a new nighttime sailing music. 
  • Fixed bug that would sometimes cause units to not spawn. 
  • The Orange Garibaldi now goes into the correct inventory section. If you already have some in your equippable tab, you can move it to your crafting window and back to get it in the correct tab.

Patch Show/Hide

  • Where named captains can be found in the world are now based on the game seed, therefore, will be the same for each player playing on the same world seed. Additionally, each of the named captains can only be killed once. 
  • Boat placement mechanics have changed. During placement, you can now see where the boat will be placed and are able to rotate it. Additionally, you are now able to have one of each type of boat out at the same time. 
  • Improved the ability for enemies to attack you on sloped terrain. 
  • The Queen now has a limit to the number of "friends" that assist her per given period of time. She is also now slightly faster. 
  • Interacting with capsized boats will now flip them. 
  • Added the fast load option, which reduces load times by fully spawning the island you are on during the loading screen, then spawning the remaining islands while playing. This option will cause slight jittering during the first seconds of play as the other islands spawn. This option is recommended for players who experience extra long loading times. 
  • Fixed the boarding location on the Maiden. 
  • Added an option to adjust island spawn distance. 
  • Added some new items and fish. 
  • The Shark Soup quest is now repeatable 
  • The music volume option now properly affects merchant and sailing music. 
  • The lantern now provides a little light around itself so that you can see it and other items you are carrying while you have it equipped. 
  • Added a new night-time sailing song. 
  • Fixed a bug that would cause ships to sometimes be launched into the air when resting at a campfire. 
  • Fixed a bug that would sometimes cause your mouse to still move the camera when your inventory was open. 
  • Ruins structures now cull at far distances. 
  • Changed the name of white and black deer to reflect their color. 
  • Fixed the recipe involving poisonous yellowfin fish. 
  • Reduced the size of the helm on the Maiden. 
  • Long John's fishing pole now has a longer line. 
  • Fixed a bug that caused tree fruit to fall through the world if you hit their tree a second time. 
  • Tree fruit can now be shot down with arrows.

Patch Show/Hide

  • Flag items will now save properly in your inventory. 
  • Ships no longer build up force while paused with sails raised. 
  • Ship helms now pause properly. 
  • Large spiders no longer let loose a pirate grunt when they see you.

Update Merchant Quests Show/Hide

  • Added merchant quests. 
  • Added new items. 
  • Added a new ship. 
  • The game now pauses when you open the escape menu. 
  • Updated the icon for the Pardon Pusher
  • Gold count now saves immediately when purchasing from a merchant. This fixes an exploit where you could purchase items then regain the lost gold. 
  • Pop-up text now draws on top of the health and food bars.

Patch Show/Hide

  • Fixed an issue that would cause the ocean to look glitchy on some systems.

Patch Show/Hide

  • Fixed a bug that caused your boat to sometimes launch into the air when boarding it. 
  • Disabled some controller input by default, and added an option to re-enable it. This may help with players who experienced problems with character spinning. *Note that controllers are not yet fully supported. 
  • Performance improvements. 
  • Increased the value of bamboo fishing poles. 
  • Adjusted shadow view distances. 
  • Added a new fish. 
  • Added a new herb.

Patch Show/Hide

  • Added options for Field of View and Look Sensitivity. 
  • Improved performance of AI units. They should now cause less lag in general, especially around large islands. 
  • Improved boat pushing mechanic. It now applies force in the direction that you are looking. 
  • Repaired pirate ships are now a little more stable in the water. 
  • Deer are now less likely to just stand there when they should run (they try harder to find a valid navigation path). 
  • Fixed an error that would happen if you saved close to water and reloaded underneath a wave. 
  • Repaired boats no longer make floating calculations when you are far away from them, improving performance if you left one behind. 
  • Added a note in the help journal about boats being able to be re-summoned.