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The uninhabited islands have no pirates at all on them. They are safe during daytime and contains more Materials than other islands.

However, these islands tend to have a very high chance of having spiders at night. These islands are found no matter how far North/South you go, and can be large or small. Most of the NPCs in Salt can be found on those islands.

Materials found Edit

Enemies/Creatures found Edit

  • Deer (very common)

NPCs found Edit

Landmarks found Edit

Default seed coordinates Edit

  • 0N, 0E (Starting Island)
  • 7W, 10N - Mountains
  • 33W, 34S - Mountains
  • 48W, 9N - Mountains
  • 2E, 24N - Mountains
  • 9E, 51N - Mountains
  • 31E, 8S - Mountains, Ancient Altar, Merchant
  • 25E / 5S - Nothing but sand...