Turtle Theft is the first quest given by the Sea Scholar. It is the first quest of the Sea Scholars's Guild questline, and unlocks the first tier of items to purchase from the Sea Scholar upon completion.

Description Edit

Retrieve the book "On Sea Turtles" from a bronze pirate chest.

— Journal

Quest Dialogue Edit

Beginning the quest:

Turtle Theft


Greetings! Are you here to join the Sea Scholars? Ah, well of course you are. Why else would you think you could approach me in such an informal manner? Do not fret, we will make a scholar of you yet!

Alright now listen. Joining the Sea Scholars is an honorary endeavor and not one to be taken lightly. If you follow my guidance and do what I ask, you will have access to the wonderful items we have collected over the years.

Ready for your first assignment are you? Very well then.

I've been rather enamored with marine life lately and am seeking to learn more about them. In particular, I've taken an interest in sea turtles. There's a book titled "On Sea Turtles" that I would just love to get my hands on. My research has told me that certain bands of pirates often keep a copy in stock. Perhaps you should check some of their storage chests?

Now, get to work and don't come back empty handed!

Walkthrough Edit

The book "On Sea Turtles" can be retrieved in any Bronze Pirate Chest on Pirate Islands. Return it to any Sea Scholar to finish the quest.

Rewards Edit