The Treasure Hunter is an uncommon NPC in Salt that exists on many Desert Islands. He gives many different quests, each one with a unique reward.

He is immune to all forms of damage and cannot be killed by anything.

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  • All of the Treasure Hunter's Quests require the player to search around the Desert Island that the Treasure Hunter is on and find a buried treasure. The mound of dirt with a red X over it must be right-clicked with a shovel in hand to receive the Desert Island Treasure Cache which is then turned in to the Treasure Hunter for a reward.
  • At times, the buried treasure is not covered with an "X" but slightly visible by a little round mound over it. The treasure chest is hard to spot, but besides the mound, it's the only visible sign.
  • Treasure Caches from other Islands can be used on a Treasure Hunter of the same island type (example: Using a desert island cache from a desert island at 12E 18S on a Treasure Hunter at 12E 10S) This allows you to hold onto a cache then use it when a Treasure Hunter has the appropriate quest for you or if you've used a cache from an island where a Treasure Hunter had a quest for you.
  • His quests are not repeatable, with the exception of "Getting Cozy" and "Open Sesame".

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