Trader Village

Trader Villages are found randomly on uninhabited islands and ancients islands. They consist of 3 huts, each housing a different trader NPC. There are also 2 chests in each village that can be opened with a village key. The key is obtainable by turning in 5 Traders Token to the Village Trader.

Several tables and crates can be found as well, with utility items on/near them (rum, pickaxe...). A campfire can be found at the village's center, allowing the player to rest. Some lamppost also helps the player to easily locate the village.

The village houses 3 different NPC:

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The crates can contain the following items:

The chests can contain the following items:

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  • The village's chests content is fixed. Saving before opening the chest and reloading is useless.
  • Its possible to open the chests with skeleton key.

Default seed coordinates Edit

  • 5W / 40S
  • 9W / 11S
  • 9W / 8N
  • 2E / 19S
  • 10E / 11S
  • 41E / 19S

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