A Torch can be used as a light source only obtainable by Crafting or from a Merchant and is always held in the left hand once equipped. The Torch is only a lightsource and is no weapon, but the torch can be used in the off-hand together with a one-handed melee weapon, such as Shovels, Pickaxes, and pirate swords.

The Torch has 4 "statuses" or stages, which are shown when the player hovers the mouse over it in the inventory:

  • Fresh
  • Somewhat charred
  • Mostly burned
  • Almost completely burned

A torch will last 8 hours of game time (15 minutes real time) before it goes out and its light will gradually decrease in intensity until that point. This means if the player advances time by resting, the torch will go out faster. Simply unequip the torch to prevent it from burning out while resting.


Trivia Edit

  • Torches can not be used alongside two-handed weapons, such as Flared Longblade and Mighty Axe.
  • Torches will not go out under water even if the player is submerged in it, nor will it be unequipped like most other tools.
  • Torches will not protect you against any Effect.
  • Torches can be placed on Torch Holders by interacting with one. When mounted on a Torch Holder, the torch will never go out. It can be reacquired by interacting with the Torch Holder again.

The Torch is one of a few items in Salt that can produce light. The items that can produce light are: