Summoning Draegan is the last quest in the Main Quest Line and continues after the quest The Key. The player will need to summon and defeat the final boss of Salt, Draegan.

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Once all three items mentioned in the tome are obtained, go and activate a rune to summon Draegan.

— Journal

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Upon openning the Strange Box, the player will get the "Tome of Trials". Then he can go to Lenvell to get more info on defeating Draegan. The player can choose from 3 options:

Summoning Draegan


With the three items obtained, we can bring back Draegan ourselves and end this once and for all. Its dangerous, but he won't be expecting it.

First, I believe I know why the Cultist wanted these three items. Through my study of Cultist lore, I've come to learn a great deal about them. The Cultist worship three main ideas: destruction, death, and darkness. Each of these items is a representation of these ideas.

The amulet represents destruction as it hangs from the neck of one who destroys anything that fetches a price. The tiger fang represents death, as it sinks into the flesh of its victims, devouring their lives. The ring represents the darkness, using a material only found in the shadows.

According to Cultist lore, Draegan must be brought back with a summoning rune. These runes are rare and very difficult to find. Lucky for us I happen to know where one is. When you get to the rune, you'll need to have all three items. When you do, put your hand on the rune and the summoning should begin.

Oh, and before yon go. I have something I want to give you. Its a cloak that was given to me by my father. The cloak will help yon should you fall in need. Wear it with honor. Now go, and good luck. I hope we meet again.

The player will receive the Cloak Of Vengeance upon choosing this dialogue.

The Three Trials


So you've found a tome mentioning three trials? this is what the Cultist so desperately wanted to keep secret. They want Draegan summoned but only when it is time. Should someone else come across this, they could summon him and possibly fight him in a weakened state.

So apparently to complete the trials you'll need to obtain three items: a bounty hunter's Amulet, a tiger fang, and a moonrock ring.

Obtaining the ring should be easy enough. Just keep an eye out for moonrock at night, gather enough it and you'll be able to craft it. If my memory serves me correctly, you should be able to craft it using around six pieces of moonrock and some silver ore.

Now for the amulet. The only way to get your hand one of those amulet's is to kill a pirate bounty hunter. These pirates reside on islands filled with highly trained killers and they themselves will prove quite a challenge. I'm afraid there's no way around this one. You'll have to kill one and take his amulet.

As for the tiger fang, that's fairly straightforward. You have experience hunting? You'll need it. Tigers are typically found lurking around the jungles. Be wary though. They are fast, cunning, and dangerous.

The Rune Location


The rune can be found at [location].

According to the tome, the player needs to obtain a Bounty Hunter's Amulet, a Tiger Fang and a Moonrock Ring. Then he needs to find the Stronghold and touch the rune at the center to summon Draegan. For more information about the fight, click here. After Draegan is defeated, Lenvell will appear next to the entrance of the stronghold, and congratulate you when you speak to him:

Draegan defeated


So it's done is it? Looks as though I put my faith in the right person. I suppose for now we can celebrate since Draegan has been vanquished, though true evil such as that is never really gone. After all, this isn't the first time he's been defeated and found a way to return. We must stay vigilant.

But for now, board your boat and set sail for the horizon. FInd new adventures and new tales. Until next time traveler. The world thanks you for your deeds.

Congratulations, you have saved the world and finished the main quest line!

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