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As per version, Salt features Ship Customization.

Ship customization is a way to make personal touches to the players Boats and many of the customization items also have additional uses. Beds and fire pits to rest, chests and crates for storage, sails to sail faster, place torch holders for a light source, or mount a mounting plate somewhere to show off your weapon.

Players can also remove any placed customization item on a ship by left clicking a boat in the boat menu ingame, and click "remove upgrades". This will return all items back to the player's inventory. If you want to remove a single decorative object, then go within interaction range and hold the "F" button (or the default interaction key).

List of customization items Edit

Notes Edit

  • When you remove a storage chest or crate, all items stored inside it will also be added to your inventory.
  • Crates, chests, fire pits and tables can be stacked on boats and utilized as makeshift stairs, even making an effective Crow's Nest.
  • A complete list of ship customization items, including items only placeables on land, can be found here.

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