Ship Building is the fourth quest given by the the Sea Scholar and the fourth quest of the Sea Scholars's Guild questline. It unlocks the fourth tier of items to purchase from the Sea Scholar upon completion.

Dialogue Edit

Ship Building


Here for another assignment? Very well.

I want you to retrieve a book titled "Building Ships: A Beginner's Guide." I've always been interested in learning just how one builds a ship. It seems like quite a good time to craft something like a mighty vessel and sail towards the horizon! Will I do it? Eh, we'll see.

As with most things, I'm sure pirates have come into possession of it. I hear there are a number of pirates that deal particularly in this field. Some are known as cartographers, navigators, and even shipwrights. Perhaps one of these pirates would have the book I'm looking for.

Walkthrough Edit

The book Building Ships: A Beginner's Guide can be found on dead Pirate Cartographer, The Captain's Navigator or Pirate Shipwright. Bring it to the Sea Scholar to complete the quest.

Rewards Edit