The Sea Treasure Hunter is an uncommon NPC in Salt that spawns on Uninhabited Islands next to a campfire, making him easy to spot. He offers the players special quests where he gives the player items to be able to recover Sea Treasure Caches whilst asking them to return to him later with payment.

As with other Friendly Human NPCs, he is immune to all forms of damage.

Quests Edit

Unlike other Quest Givers, the Sea Treasure Hunter does not exactly give you quests, instead giving you an item useful for sea treasure hunting and asking you to return to him with a certain number of Sunken Coins. Seeing as all his 'tasks' are directly linked, there is only really a single quest from the Sea Treasure Hunter.

  1. Sea Treasure Hunter's Quest

Dialogue Edit

Alongside his quest, the Sea Treasure Hunter can also give you tips on how to use your newly acquire Grabber and Sooner, as well as give you new ones if you've lost them.

How do I find treasure?


First ye got to put the grabber on yer boat. Make sure yer hook's hangin' off the side. Then look for big glowin' spots on the water. Treasure shines up from the deep! But it doesn't like to shine when yer too near. Treasure be bashful. So grab it by the booty! The taller shiny spots are deeper, better treasure, but they're more bashful than the rest. They'll clam up before you can get anywhere close to 'em! You can still grab the treasure if you can find it without the shine, but it'll be hard! Just skip 'em. That's what I do. 'Cause I don't have a boat. Keep yers away.

I lost my Sooner...


Ye lost yer sooner?! Well where'd ye put it? Here, use this Sooner. Maybe you can hear the sound bounce back from yer first one. Ye might want to scoop out the grits. I was almost done. Grits is good.

Ask about...



Ye just put it on your boat and use it to grab treasure! If there is treasure.



Ye whack the middle bit, and it makes a big 'ol sound. And it's the perfect sound! 'Cause only treasure bounces it back. And when treasure bounces it back, it's an even better sound. Beacause that means treasure! The sooner the sound bounces back, the closer the treasure. So I call it a Sooner. Maybe it'll help ye find those deeper treasures that are so bashful.

Color thing


It's me favorite thing I've made. It's a thing! I'm not sure what to call it. It finds only the rarest of sunken treasures... treasure that doesn't exist! At least not yet. The secret curse of the coins summons the treasure! But ye gotta find it. So you look at the orb on the top of my thing. It changes color! The closer it is to red, the closer ye are to the treasure! If it's dark, yer far, far away. Ye don't gotta whack this one. Just look at it. Give it a try!

Default seed coordinates Edit

  • 2W, 18N
  • 15W, 7N
  • 2E, 18S
  • 6E, 15N
  • 15E, 34S

History Edit

  • The Sea Treasure Hunter was introduced in Update 1.9.5 Birds of Paradise

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