The Sea Fisher is an NPC that spawns on beaches of Natural Islands, next to a lamppost. He proposes the player to join the Sea Fisher's Guild through a series of quests involving fishing and taking back lures from pirates.

The Sea Fisher is also a merchant, his goods will change and get more variated depending on the player's progression in the quest series that he gives, and just like a merchant, he will buy anything that you are willing to sell for gold.

Quests Edit

  1. Baiting The Bass
  2. Take Back The Bait
  3. Pursuit Of A Piranha
  4. Bringing Back The Box
  5. Finding The Flotsam
  6. More Fish In The Sea

Wares Edit

Depending on the player's progression through the questline, the Sea Fisher will sell them various unique items related to the guild. Each group of items is only available after the player has completed the appropriate quest.

Upon completing Baiting The Bass:

Upon completing Take Back The Bait:

Upon completing Pursuit Of A Piranha:

Upon completing Bringing Back The Box:

Upon completing Finding The Flotsam:

Upon turning in one Fisherman Quest Fish: (random)

Dialogue Edit

About the Sea Fishers


Ah so you'd like to know more about the Sea Fisher's Guild huh? Very well then.

The Sea Fisher's Guild was founded a long time ago by a man named Mervyn Boyd.Many think it was actually Mervyn who invented the fishing pole, plunging us from the old ancient ways of using spears and bows to the find art of the lure and string. At any rate, Mervyn is largely responsible for our guild as we know it today.

We here at the Sea Fisher's Guild lead a simple plfe, tough we do have certain rules we adhere to. These rules are known as "The Three Tenets of the Sea Fishers." The tenets are as follows:

Tenet Number One: All Sea Fishers shall respect the law of the sea and not take part in piracy or other unbecoming behaviors.

Tenet Number Two: All Sea Fishers shall recite the Sea Fisher's Oath every morning before they begin fishing.

Tenet Number Three: All Sea Fishers will respect other members and help new guild members to become better fishermen.

That's it. Quite Simple. Oh, and you'll need to know the Sea Fisher's Oath should you join the guild. It is as follows:

"I swear to adhere to the Sea Fisher's Tenets to the best of my ability. I will respect my fellow members of the guild, I will respect the sea, and I will constantly strive to be a better fisher than the day before."

So that about sums it up then. Good luck on your journey into the Sea Fisher's Guild!

Default seed coordinates Edit

  • 2W, 8S
  • 5W, 24N
  • 0E, 8N
  • 5E, 7S
  • 16E, 6S