Salt is a game being developed in Unity by Lavaboots Studios. Extra information can be found in the overview page on their website.

Story Edit

Salt begins with the player waking up on a small island in the middle of a massive ocean. An unknown character is found on this island, directing the player to visit the 'Innkeeper', who has information for the player.

The story continues from here, having the player travel about the world, discovering its mysteries and eventually saving it from a dire end.

About the game Edit

Salt takes place in a procedurally generated world, composed of an infinite amount of islands separated by the grand expanse of the ocean. Every island is unique in some way, housing NPCs, animals, enemies and various landmarks, such as ruins or villages.

Thousands of items are available for the player to craft, discover or buy, all encouraging different ways to attack, explore, and fish their way through the world.

All the game's worlds are generated from seeds. This means you can share your discoveries with friends that use the same seed. With the introduction of multiplayer in the 2.0 update, it's now possible to explore the world together and help out your friends!