Queen of the Jungle is one of the quests given by the Merchant. He asks you to kill a jungle queen and bring back her silk to him.

Dialogue Edit

Queen of the jungle


Bah! You won't believe what I've done! I've just put a tear in my favorite outfit. My FAVORITE outfit I tell you! And this is no ordinary outfit. No indeed. This fine grab was hand sewn by my mother, the best outfitter there ever was! God rest her soul.

Do you...think you could help me?

I know how to patch it up, but I'm missing a certain material. A certain, eh, difficult to obtain material. You see, one of the secrets to the longevity of this fine clothing is silk. But not just any silk...spider silk! And not just any spider, a Jungle Queen!

A fierce and deadly foe, the Jungle Queen Spider sometimes roams jungles in the middle of the night. You look like you've seen your fair share of battle. If you can kill the beast and bring me her silk, I can fashion a very nice pair of boots.

Walkthrough Edit

The Jungle Queen can rarely be found at night on Jungle Islands. The Queen delivers some mighty blows and does some extreme poison applying (200 damage over 60 seconds). Even though she does not have "a lot" of Health, she is extremely dangerous and can take very much HP from the player. Poison Antidote is not very effective during combat, as the player will be poisoned after each strike the Queen delivers, so Strong Bandage and Health Potions are crucial.

Once defeated, the player can loot her corpse to find the Jungle Queen Silk. Bring it back to the merchant to complete the quest.

Reward Edit

Default seed coordinates Edit

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