Oca... What? is the fourth quest given by the Composer. He tasks the player to find the book "Blueprints for an Ocarina".

Description Edit

Obtain the book "Blueprints for an Ocarina" from a silver pirate chest and return it to The Composer.

— Journal

Walkthrough Edit

To begin the quest, talk to the Composer and choose Oca...What?. He will tell you the following:

Oca... What?


I think it's time we fashion you a more...refined instrument. We're going to make you an ocarina! Oca...what you say? Ocarina! A beautiful instrument that sings with such melody so as to make you cry upon hearing it.

I believe I have all the resources I need to craft it, but I can't quite remember the details. There's a book though! It's called "Blueprints for an Ocarina." Can you bring me that book? Some of the more...oh I dread to use this word...sophisticated pirates should have one. They are are likely keep it locked away in their little chests.

Blueprints for an Ocarina will now start to spawn in Silver Chests on Battlemaster Settlements. Once you have acquired the book, return to the Composer and choose the same dialogue option as before. He will say:

Turn in blueprints


Oh yes! I am quite excited to make such a beautiful instrument. You are going to love it. I must say my dear apprentice, this... er... partnership is working out!

You will be given the Composer's Ocarina.

Rewards Edit