The Moonrock Sword is an uncommon one-handed weapon that can only be obtained by crafting. It is a good option for fighting pirates and creatures if the player is outfitted well.

This sword reflects and therefore emits moonlight if the moon shines bright at nighttime. The light range is somewhat smaller than the Torch, and blue-colored.

Crafting Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Moonrock Ore Shards can only be mined at night time when the moon is out. It will show by its glowing veins. At night, it glows as a reflection from the moonlight.
  • Although the Moonrock Sword can replace the torch, it only glows when the moon is out. Some nights the moon will be hidden and the sword and ore will not glow.
  • The sword will also glow when placed on a mounting plate, allowing it to permanently light ships in a manner similar to a torch holder.