Lenvell is an NPC that only appear at the Inn after you've helped the Innkeeper. He gives you the main story quests, related to the cult of Draegan.

He is a close friend of the Innkeeper and is interested in legends about the cultists. Lenvell wrote Lenvell's Log which describes some of the cultist lore. 

Like any other neutral NPC, he can not be damaged and cannot be hit. 

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Quests Edit

  1. The Search For The Skull
  2. A Cure For The Curse
  3. A Dark Ritual
  4. A Paranoid Fisherman
  5. Into The Jungle
  6. The Key
  7. Summoning Draegan

Trivia Edit

  • Lenvell will be at any Inn you visit, and will have nothing more to say to you once the main quest line is finished.
  • He can gives you the location of the closest rune, necessary to summon Draegan.

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