"It wasn't long before dusk when we first headed into the jungle. I knew that it would likely get dark and fear began to work its way through my veins. The last thing I wanted was to get caught in this god forsaken place after sunset." - The Fog

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The jungle is filled with lush tropical fauna, and has unique content for players to explore.

Jungle Islands are islands that were implemented in the 1.6 Blood Jungle update. They are hard to come by which is the reason why the Innkeeper can give you coordinates towards the closest one. At night, the green clouds of poison can help the player to locate the jungle island.

Jungle islands only spawn past the 40-degree mark, so one would need to sail for a while from spawn to come across them. The island and its content is designed for players who have experienced the earlier portions of the game, due to the tougher enemies and dangerous fauna that exists here.

The player can meet the Huntsman and the Fisherman on those islands. The island features really large and dense trees which limit sunlight a bit and feature additional types of foliage, including plants that can poison the player. If the player manages to kill enough poachers, he can open the Jungle Challenge Chest to get unique items.

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Default seed coordinates Edit

  • 1E, 43S
  • 14E, 40S
  • 46E, 29S
  • 47E, 35N
  • 7W, 47N
  • 32W, 29S
  • 26E, 40S