The Island Outfitter is an uncommon NPC found in the Trader Village. He sells various equipment in exchange for deer pelts and other rare materials.

He also gives you a quest, asking you to find the legendary Skull Ring. To complete this quest, he gives you the Order of the Night Hood and the Order of the Night Robe, allowing you to speak to the Innkeeper about the ring.

As with other friendly human NPCs, he is immune to all forms of damage.

Because the Island Outfitter is also a Vendor, he will buy any items off the player for Gold.

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Speak to the Outfitter


Welcome fellow traveler! Care to spice up your attire a bit? Well you've come to the right place! I carry the finest clothing in the seas. Adventurers come far and wide for a look at my stock.
Take a look and see what you like.

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