Inquiries Of An Inn is most likely the first quest the player will discover. It is given by the strange figure on the starting island. This is the first quest in the Main Quest line.

Description Edit

A stranger mentioned that I should look for an Inn and talk with its keeper. He said that the inns were marked by beacons of some sort.

— Journal

Quest Dialogue Edit

Speak to the stranger:

Speak to stranger


It is not what one says, but what one does that defines them. And so the question remains, who will you be? You might be able to make a name for yourself in this land.

There is a man that keeps a number of inns throughout the seas, marked by beacons. Perhaps pay him a visit if you need some direction.

Walkthrough Edit

You can either build one or repair the Sailing Raft by the sea side. Sail around these islands. Look for the beacon in the night. Talk to the Innkeeper to complete the quest.

Inn Locations Edit

The Inn locations listed below are based on the Update 1.9.5: Birds of Paradise and the default map seed: