The Innkeeper is a common NPC in Salt found at Inns. Players must go to him in order to advance the Main Quest, as he offers the first 3 quests in the questline. Players may rest at the Inn, free of charge. He also sells a Hearty Meal for 30 Gold.

Quests Edit

  1. Inquiries Of An Inn
  2. A Little Off The Top
  3. A Hat For A Hat

Dialogue Edit

As well as giving quests, the Innkeeper can offer the player information about various items within the game, which can give both lore about the world of Salt as well as tips for new players.

The Inn


If you're in need of a cozy bed and rest, you've come to the right place! This world can be filled with strange and treacherous places. I only hope that my inn can be a place of solitude for you in the days to come.



If you don't want to spend your days sailing around in circles, you are going to have to become familiar with some navigation techniques. First off, learn your cardinal directions. North, South, East, and West. They are of utmost importance. Some of these pirates that come through here haven't even heard of the words judging by their lack of direction. One time, I convinced a pirate that had come by here a day earlier that this was an entirely different inn than the one he had visited.

One of the most basic tools of navigation are the celestial bodies. The Sun and Moon. They appear to rise from the eastern horizon, and set upon the western horizon. Memorise this, and you are already way ahead of most of the scallywags around these parts. Of course, if you find yourself a compass, it does help with the neck cramps at mid-day, if you know what I mean.

Finding your exact location in the world would be a little bit more difficult than just looking at the position of the sun. Luckily, we have a tool for that. It's called a sextant. With it, you will be able to pinpoint your current position down to the accuracy of a small island's breadth. If you don't have one yet, let me know and I may have a spare one that you can have.

Most dialogue options are only available once you have the item in question in your inventory.

Ancient Ceremonial Dagger


I'm surprised to see you have one of these in your possession. These daggers are ancient blades that were used in ritualistic sacrifices by a long forgotten race. No one is quite sure how they survived over the years, but you seem to have come across one somehow. Be careful with such a tool. It's likely the power within has not completely perished.

Black Flower


Ah, a black flower. These can be difficult to find, as they only grow where forests are thickest. Mix two together and you'll have a potent poison.

Bow of Poison


Ah, so it does exist. The long fabled Bow of Poison. I had heard many tales about such a weapon, but was never fully convinced that it actually existed. The bow is said to have belonged to an archer by the name or Arnath. Little is know about Arnath, but apparently he was one of the most skilled archers that ever lived. How he came to acquire the Bow of Poison, or how he lost it, no one knows. Its whereabouts were a mystery until now.

Ceremonial Mace of the Ancients


I...I'm surprised to see you have that item. I wasn't even sure it existed. That mace is said to be an immensely powerful weapon. Rumor had it that the mace was lost and would never be found again. Not much is known about its history but an item this powerful has bound to have seen evil use in its day. I'm not sure how you came about acquiring such a relic, but take heed -- an item like this is not to be taken lightly.



I see you've found yourself a dagger. It's a small but deadly weapon. Daggers are particularly useful when sneaking up on enemies. If you're the stealthy type, use it to backstab your foe and deal a devastating blow.

Hardstone Ore


Hardstone is a fairly common and useful metal. It can sometimes be found inside weak boulders, but they are usually in boulders with a green color in their cracks. If you need more, islands that are taller and more rocky will often yield more boulders to mine.

Hardwood Log


Hardwood is a particularly strong type of wood. These logs have a bark that resembles the trees they are typically found near. Always be on the lookout for these logs as they can be used to make nicer weapons, items, and build larger boats.

Night Skimmer


You've caught a nightskimmer! One of my favorite fish indeed. Rumor has it nightskimmers are only found wandering the ocean when the sun is nowhere to be found. These fish have a strange glow to them and can be used to create an oil that will help you see, should your torch or lantern ever go out.

The Piece of Eight dialogue is unique in that it starts a quest once you talk to the Innkeeper about the item.

Piece of Eight


Look at that! You've got a piece of eight. That's no common coin you've found. It is a coin that was once used by an ancient civilisation that lived on these islands. These days, they are still used as a form of currency among the most prestigious, including high ranking pirates. You see, the ancients used these coins similar to how we use gold coins now. However, over the eons, most of them have been lost. Mostly consumed by the sea, I would wager. Now days, it is quite rare to see one.

It just so happens that I am in the market for some of these pieces. I have been trying to barter with a fellow for an artifact that I wish to add to my personal collection. However, he is such a self-proclaimed high brow that he will not even raise one of his brows to the offer of a pile of gold. He says he only deals in pieces of eight.

He requires seven pieces of eight for the trade. If you can obtain seven of them, I have a trade to offer you. I recently commandeered a beautiful ship from one of my enemies. I sent him paddling off in a small log raft after I took his ship. Cruel perhaps, but he knew better than to cross me in the first place.

Bring me seven pieces of eight, and I'll trade you my new ship.

Plant Fibers


Plant fibers are sometimes found in many kinds of plants and can be used to make various tools and items. There are also strong plant fibers that can occasionally be found among the normal flowerless plants. Be sure and hold on to these, as they will prove useful for making a variety of items.



Poison can be particularly effective against tougher enemies. You can use poison on practically any weapon, including your bow and arrows. This allows you to hit your opponent from a distance and watch his life dwindle as the poison works its way through his veins.

Ring of Day


Ah, let me see what you have there. A ring of day, is it? Yes, I've heard rumor of this ring. It is said to contain powerful magic. You ought to be careful wearing such ancient relics. They are often thought to be riddled with curses.

Ring of Night


It appears you have a ring of night. This is known to be the brother ring to the ring of day, and likewise it is rumored to be occupied with some powerful magic like its sibling. Reports say these rings are cursed. One ought to be careful wearing such a mysterious artifact.

Running Boots


Those boots were made a long time ago by an outfitter named Sana. Sana made many other things, but her claim to fame were her boots. No one is quite sure how she did it. They are remarkably light and agile, allowing the wearer to move with greater speed.



Oh, is that a scimitar you have there? A fine sword indeed. With a curved blade you can be sure to strike with quick and deadly attacks. These swords are a staple of any good warrior and do a fair amount of damage while maintaining decent speed.

Signet of the Alchemist


I'm afraid I don't know very much about that ring. What I do know is this. A long time ago there was said to be a powerful alchemist by the name of Salin. Apparently, Salin was fascinated with certain dark creatures and wished to study them, though he was not very skilled in combat. He fashioned a ring that he believed would protect him from such creatures. Shortly after crafting the ring he went out on one of his adventures. No one ever saw or heard from him again. I'm not sure how you obtained the ring, but that may give you some hint as to what happened to the poor soul.

Skeleton Key


Ah, I see you've come across a skeleton key. This key is said to have been made by a highly skilled blacksmith named Ealgar. No one knows quite how he did it, but somehow Ealgar managed to create a key with the ability to open many different types of locks. Hearsay is that Ealgar was accused of being a thief for creating such an item and lost his reputation.

White Flower


White flowers are quite useful indeed. Mix two together and you'll have a simple potion with healing properties. They came in handy many times after I'd stumbled through a thorn bush. Ah yes, but that was when I was young and inexperienced, with only a few inns to manage. Anyway, if you're ever looking for more, they only seem to bloom where there is plenty of sunlight, so search any meadows and fields you come across.

Trivia Edit

  • The Innkeeper can be found most often by waiting till sunset then sailing towards the light of a beacon.
  • A player may rest for free in the inn, by using the bed in the left room.
  • The Innkeeper is a member of the Order of the Night, as described in the Skull Ring quest.
  • The Bright Red Ink can rarely be found behind the Innkeeper's desk.

Default seed coordinates Edit

  • 6E, 8N
  • 16E, 32S
  • 39E, 22S
  • 4W, 3S
  • 36W, 8S
  • 48W, 5N

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