In Search Of A Scimitar is a quest given by the Sea Collector if the player has the Treasure Hunter's Diary on them when talking to the Sea Collector.

It leads the player to acquire the Treasure Hunter's Scimitar, a legendary sword.

Description Edit

Look for the burial cloth in an ancient chest and the embalming agent at a gravesite. Combine the two once you have them.

— Journal

Walkthrough Edit

If you have the Treasure Hunter's Diary (purchased from certain Merchants) on you when talking to the Sea Collector, you will have the dialogue option "Give the Journal". He will tell you the following:

Treasure Hunter's Diary


Ah yes! I see you have read the diary of the treasure hunter, Balan. If I were you, I'd get started looking for those items. It looks like the ancient burial cloth can be found in ancient chests. Those are usually surrounded by tall stone pillars. As for the embalming agent, try a gravesite. Surely you know how to find a gravesite yes? Look for a tombstone!

In order to acquire the Ancient Treasure Instructions he mentions, you'll need to find both an Ancient Burial Cloth and an Embalming Agent. The Burial Cloth has a chance to be looted from Ancient Sarcophagus found on Ancient Islands. The Embalming Agent can be found in Bronze Lockboxes found in graves beneath tombstones. If you have already a Bronze Lockboxe, then immediately after taking this quest, you can open it and it will drop the Embalming Agent.

Once you have acquired both, craft them together in order to create the Ancient Treasure Instructions. Then, you need to give the Ancient Treasure Instructions to a Sea Scholar, as hinted in the Ancient Treasure Instruction's description.

Rewards Edit