Further Research is the last quest given by the Sea Scholar in the sea scholar's quest line.

Description Edit

Deliver 7 Sea Scholar's Tokens to the Sea Scholar.

— Journal

Walkthrough Edit

After you delivered the book "Life, Death and the Sea" and finished Philosophical Pursuit, you can talk to the sea scholar:

Further research


Now that you have worked your way up to the highest status in the Sea Scholar's Guild, it's time to continue the research. But do not fret, you shall be rewarded for your endeavors. We take care of our own, afterall.

As you are out there in the world, collect any books you find. I'll trade you a token for each book. If you collect seven of my tokens, I will reward you with something from the Sea Scholar's Guild Chest.

And remember, always stay true in your search for knowledge.

The Sea Scholar's Token can be acquired by selling almost any book to a Sea Scholar. You can trade multiple copies of a book. For example, the book "Guide to Buried Treasure" can be bought from a merchant and then turned in to the sea scholar.

For each 7 tokens delivered, you will be rewarded with a unique item. This process is random and can be repeated infinitely, so it's possible to have multiple duplicate items.

Rewards (random) Edit