For The Flute is the fifth quest given by the Composer. It tasks the player with acquiring a carving knife from a poacher to craft the Composer's Flute.

Description Edit

Obtain the carving knife from a poacher and use it combined with the aged hardwood to make a flute. Bring the flute to The Composer.

— Journal

Walkthrough Edit

Talk to the Composer to begin this quest, choosing For The Flute. He will say the following:

For The Flute


Are you enjoying the wondrous sounds of the ocarina? I do hope so. I'm... I'm thankful we've gotten to work together. But don't let that go to your head!

Let's continue this work then, shall we?

I think it's time for you to learn how to craft an instrument for yourself. There's a quite unique instrument known as a pan flute. It carries a beautiful, almost foreign sounding tune that I think you will enjoy.

I've got a special wood you'll need to craft it, but I don't have the other tool required. It's a special carving knife you'll need. In the jungle there are some people known as poachers. They will likely have such a knife.

Once you've crafted the pan flute, return to me so I can see the flute you've made, and I might have one more idea for us to work on.

As he says, you must visit a Jungle Island and find a Poacher, as they will now drop the Instrument Carving Knife you are looking for. Once you've acquired it, craft it together with the aged hardwood that the Composer gave you to acquire the Pan Flute, before returning to him.

Reward Edit