Finding The Flotsam is the 5th quest in the quest serie given by the Sea Fisher.

Description Edit

Obtain the Sea Fisher's Cleaning Oil from flotsam caught in the ocean.

— Journal

Walkthrough Edit

Talk to the Sea Fisher to start the quest:

Finding The Flotsam


I have to say, I am quite proud of you! You've come so far since you first requested to join our guild. I have only one more task for you before you are considered a member.

Out in the ocean you will sometimes fish up some flotsam, or wreckage that gets lost from ships. These ships used to carry an oil that us fisherman used to clean our fishing poles with. It left the poles with a shine like you wouldn't believe. I would really like to get my hand on some of that oil.

See if you can fish up some flotsam, then open it up and find me some Fisherman's Cleaning Oil!

You need to find a Flotsam. These can be fished anywhere but are pretty rare. Augmenting your rare catch chance bonus is the best way to find one. Once you have it, open the flotsam and you should find the Sea Fisher's Cleaning Oil. Return it to the Sea Fisher to complete the quest.

Rewards Edit

Access to Sea Fisher final stack of items:

Access to the next quest, More Fish In The Sea.