Continuing the Battle is the last quest given by the Sea Hunter in the sea hunter's quest line.

Description Edit

Deliver 7 Sea Hunter's Tokens to the Sea Hunter.

— Journal

Walkthrough Edit

After you delivered the Elite Captain's Gemstone and finished Master Of The Sea, you can talk to the sea hunter:

Continuing the battle


You've done well by us as a member of the Sea Hunters and for that I am thankful. However, the battle still isn't over. Our enemies from beasts of the jungle to the highest ranking pirates still roam the lands and leave behind a path of destruction wherever they go.

If you'd like to continue earning some of our most rare gear, you must continue the fight.

From now on, when you kill certain high level enemies, look for a token they can drop. For every seven tokens you turn into me, I will reward with some nice loot from our armory.

The Sea Hunter's Token can be acquired by killing and looting almost any enemy. You have more chance to find one when you kill an uncommon or rare enemy.

For each 7 tokens delivered, you will be rewarded with a unique item. This process is random and can be repeated infinitely, so it's possible to have multiple duplicate items.

Rewards (random) Edit