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Catching Elusive Joe is the main quest given by the Jungle Fisherman. Once you acquired the fisherman's set, you need to catch the rarest fish in the jungle waters, Elusive Joe.

Dialogue Edit

Catching Elusive Joe


Dressed to the nines, I see. Very god. Luck and superstition is a very important part of fishing, and you must take this into account if you are to be great. I've been doing some thinking about our elusive pink friend. I have no idea what type of bait he would be attracted to. Believe me, I've tried all that I had. So, we must work with what we do know. We know that he is pink and small. Therefore, if we use a lure that is small and pink like him, maybe it will pique his interest enough to get close and hooked.

A pink lure is something I have never used or seen before, but I suppose it would be simple enough to combine together a red lure with a white lure and mix up all of their little strands to make it appear pink. I have neither a red or white lure to spare, so for that you are on your own.

Walkthrough Edit

To start the quest, you need to equip the Fisherman's Boots, Fisherman's Pants and Fisherman's Vest. Talk to the Fisherman and he will give you clues about the Pink Fishing Lure, necessary to catch Elusive Joe. The lure can be crafted with a Spinning Bucktail Lure (acquired from a merchant quest) and a Red Fishing Lure, or an Exquisite Deep Sea Lure. The former can be bought from merchants, while the latter can be found in abandoned campsite crates.

Once you have the pink lure, equip it and start fishing on jungle islands. The pink lure has a fishing malus, so it's recommended to equip any item that increase fishing skills and to drink a Sea Fisher's Brew. Keep in mind the pink fishing lure can be consumed, so it's recommended to save once you got it and reset the game in case it broke.

Once you finally managed to catch Elusive Joe, return to the Fisherman to give him the fish in exchange for the Lucky Fisherman's Hat.

Rewards Edit