Bringing Back The Box is the 4th quest in the quest serie given by the Sea Fisher.

Description Edit

Retrieve the Sea Fisher's Tackle Box from a silver chest.

— Journal

Walkthrough Edit

Talk to the Sea Fisher to start the quest:

Bringing Back The Box


You did well fishing up that Piranha. you're proving to be a good Sea Fisherman so far. i've got a coupke more tasks for though before we consider you a full fledged member of the guild.

I need you to obtain my tackle box. The box contained some of my most valuable lures and without it, i feel like a new fisherman all over again.

The box was stolen from me by some pirates some time ago. I believe I saw them place it in a silver chest before they left me be. If you come across such a chest, check in there and pray for it to be there.

Get a Silver Chest Key and find a Silver Pirate Chest. The key can be sold by merchants or found on pirate battlemasters. The Silver Chest can be found on Battlemaster Settlements or can rarley be found in the black Old Pirate Ship's Cabin. Open the silver chest and you should find the Sea Fisher's Tackle Box. Return it to the Sea Fisher to complete the quest.

Rewards Edit

Access to Sea Fisher 4th stack of items:

Access to the next quest, Finding The Flotsam.