Bring The Bookmark is the third quest given by the Sea Scholar and the third quest of the Sea Scholars's Guild questline. It unlocks the third tier of items to purchase from the Sea Scholar upon completion.

Description Edit

Obtain the Silk Bookmarker from a Poacher.

— Journal

Walkthrough Edit

Upon returning the book from Poem From A Pirate, the Sea Scholar will direct you to find a Silk Bookmarker. Talking to him and choosing the Bring The Bookmark dialogue option will have him tell you the following:

Bring The Bookmark


You've done well so far. Now I've got a new task for you. I recently have lost my bookmarker and that makes it quite hard to remember where I was when reading a book. Can you believe someone suggested to me to just turn the page corner down? Ha! What an imbecile.

Anyways, I'm looking for a silk bookmarker. It's a very specific type and is usually made with spider silk. I'm betting that some poachers might have some in their possessions. If memory serves me correctly, poachers can usually be found wandering jungle islands.

Find a poacher and see if he has a Silk Bookmarker on him. Oh and... ask nicely will you?

The bookmarker will spawn on any Poacher encountered on Jungle Islands. It has a high drop rate so kill a few of them until it drops, then return to any Sea Scholar, and choose the Bring The Bookmark dialogue option to finish the quest.

Bring The Bookmark


Excellent! I've given you access to my next stock of items.

Rewards Edit