The Blacksmith is a rare NPC that spawns on uninhabited islands next to a campfire, making him easy to spot. A forge and an anvil on a tree stump will also appear next to him.

He sells salvage tools to refurbish unwanted weapons into resources. He also provides service to forge(trade) obsidian ore into obsidian equipment, once his quest has been completed.

As with other friendly human NPCs, he is immune to all forms of damage. Because the Blacksmith is also a vendor, he will buy any items from the player for Gold.

Quest Edit

Wares Edit

Default seed coordinates Edit

  • 2W / 13N
  • 4W / 3S
  • 10W / 7N
  • 12W / 27S
  • 11E / 12S
  • 94E / 2N

History Edit

  • Introduced in Update 1.9.6 Storms of the Sea

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