Ancient Islands are often recognized by the Pillars and large Ancient Statues that spread around the island.

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Ancient Islands tend to spawn more commonly past 25 units on the map, but can also be found below that point. It is usually easy to spot them while at sea, as the player might see Ancient Pillars or Ancient Statues standing randomly around the Island.

If the player sees multiple pillars standing close to each other, it is certain to be either a Ancient Sarcophagus in the middle, or a less likely chance of finding a Ancient Altar. Usually the Altar have more pillars surrounding it compared to the Sarcophagus, but the Sarcophagus usually vary in the number of pillars surrounding it.

For a new player entering the island, it's uninhabited and just as peaceful as an Uninhabited Island (except when there is pirates). When the player starts to destroy Ancient Statues however, Ancient Guardians will start to spawn around Ancient Statues, likely to defend them. If the ancient island is filled with pirates however, ancient guardians will never spawn!
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A Ancient Pillar and a Beacon, which means there is an Innkeeper on this Ancient Island.

Cultists Altar can spawn on these islands, because Cultists belong to an ancient cult, and therefore tend to use these islands for their rituals during the night.

User Yngve90 seeded 3 maps (saves), and have been to over 100 Ancient Islands. These are his discoverings on what to find and how common it is:

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  • 0E, 19N
  • 0E, 14S
  • 5E, 0N
  • 6E, 34S
  • 7W, 10N

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