The Ancient Guardian is a common enemy on Ancient Islands that only spawns once the player starts destroying Ancient Statues. If the player is to destroy its first statue, he would need to relocate to another Ancient Island in order to meet any Ancient Guardians.

When they do spawn, they usually surround and protect the Ancient Statues and can appear anywhere on an entire island in groups of up to 4.

Once attacked by the player or upon spotting the player, the Ancient Guardians will move towards the player with a floating-like movement while throwing rocks as their ranged attack. Once the ancient guardian is close enough to the player, it will start punching instead of throwing rocks, as their melee attack. Sometimes when using the melee attack, the Guardian flings you far up into the air. This may be a bug.

Note: If using a bow and arrow from a distance, the arrow might get stuck in the rocks that the ancient guardian is throwing towards the player - not harming the guardian.

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