A Song of Vengeance is the sixth quest given by the Composer. It tasks the player with avenging the death of his former apprentice and wife, Lilly, by ending the life of the spider that killed her.

Description Edit

Use the spider scent to summon the queen spider at night. Kill her and return her silk to the Composer.

— Journal

Dialogue Edit

A song of vengeance


Listen...there's something I need to tell you. You might have noticed that I don't play music myself anymore. The reason for this's my last apprentice.

You see, years ago I took on an apprentice for the first time. We spent years playing music, crafting new instruments, and exploring the sea in search of inspiration for new songs. Eventually, I married her. Her name was Lilly.

A few months ago though something horrible happened. We were camping out on an island and we were attacked by a vicious monster. It was a giant spider. It got ahold of Lilly before I could do anything and...well, she's gone now. I barely escaped with my own life but I haven't been able to bear the thought of playing music again. Every time I do it reminds of her.

But then you came along, and I saw that music wasn't just about me. The song is king and the music must carry on, not in spite of, but in honor of my wife. Lilly would have wanted that.

With that said, I'm ready to exact vengeance on the monster that killed my wife. You've been a great apprentice, and I'd like to give that honor to you.

I've spent a lot of time concocting this scent that I believe will lure the beast to you. Use it, kill the giant spider, and bring me it's silk.

Walkthrough Edit

The Composer will give the player the Spider Scent, which can only be used at night. Upon using this item, a Spider Queen will spawn and attack the player. Once she has been defeated, loot the Spider Silk from her corpse and return it to the Composer. He will tell you as follows:

Deliver the silk


You've done it! I am so proud to call you my apprentice and thank you for avenging my wife. Here, this is for you. This was her violin. It needed to be restrung, and what better to use than the silk of revenge. Take it and fill the seas with the song of her memory. You could do her no greater honor.

Rewards Edit